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Nothing like boots on the ground.

Who: Paladin Danse & Nora
Where: Sanctuary Hills
Summary: After Danse speaks to Nora about helping her with her duties as a Minuteman.

What: Danse is ready at the crack of dawn, and seeing he was not the best sleeper, he was well ready long before hand. And with a good supply of fusion cell ammo for his laser rifle, and his X-01 power armor that is always well maintained, Danse was just waiting to hear where it is both he and Nora would go. And like a good soldier he is standing there besides his defense post keeping watch over the settlers who have long since retired for the night.

It is a peaceful night without a drop of neither rain nor one of the famous radioactive storms that blew in from the Glowing Sea. And as he waits, Danse looses himself to the twangy sound of Johnny Cash singing about those Folsom Prison Blues that play on his radio. And as quiet and normally unnerving a night like this is, Danse seems to welcome in. He can allow himself sometime with his own thoughts, and allow himself to try to figure out everything that has happened to him since his banishment from The Brotherhood of Steel. And if he is to keep his sanity, Danse needs not only to keep his mind busy but also to try to figure out this new life as a synth out.

So there, he stands without his helmet on at the Sanctuary Sign like he promised. "Now watch this be a day where Garvey doesn't have work for her to do." He mutters aloud to himself, and he cracks the knuckles of his power armor.
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Nora spent a good solid section of her time since waking trying to decide whether or not to suit up in her own X-01 power armor - the hot pink one - her favourite. Sanctuary has amassed quite a collection of power armor thanks to Nora and her light fingered ways. There is one suit of armor she flat out refuses to wear though. The BOS Paladin armor so kindly given to her by Elder Maxson before the interior of the metal had even cooled from Danse's departure. She had worn it exactly once - and that was to transport it from the Prydwen to Sanctuary where it had since stood in the corner of the makeshift garage she had constructed.

Eventually she makes her way towards the sign with her backpack of supplies, weapons and no power armor. Dogmeat trails behind at her heels.

"A day where Garvey has no work for me? What kind of fantasy land are you living in, Danse?" She smiles as she approaches him.
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He's a soldier through and through. Nora doesn't think anything could ever change that. It warms Nora's heart to see that passion and desire to get back into the field in Danse's eyes. She had been worried for awhile that maybe that light had vanished forever.

"We're heading to Outpost Zimonja. Apparently they have a problem with some ferals - and a couple of their turrets are messed up."

She pauses to look at Dogmeat. "Sorry boy, you gotta stay here this time. We'll be back soon."

With a smile she nods at Danse. "Ready to head out?"
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Dogmeat lets out a low whine at having to stay behind. He'd much rather go with his human and her friend. But like the good dog he is, he lays down by the sign watching as they walk away.

"You know Preston. Only gives me the basic facts. Leaves the rest up to me." Oft times annoying. More so than the constant missions in the first place. A little more detail would be good. At least this time she knows what the problem is before setting out.

Nora adjusts the Pipboy on her wrist, making sure the map is active. She's wandered the Commonwealth so many times by now that she could probably find her way blindfolded but she prefers to be prepared.

"You remember our first mission? Back before I even joined the Brotherhood. You remember? We went to ArcJet Systems." It seems forever ago. Way back before a lot of bad things happened. If Nora is honest with herself, the only reason she even joined the Brotherhood in the first place was so she could get to know Danse better.

"I was so worried when you got caught in that blast."
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"Not funny! I thought I'd gotten you killed." Hardly the way she wanted their first mission to go. Imagine having to return to the station and tell them she'd gotten their Paladin barbecued! Way to win Rhys over. She's glad it didn't come to that. Thank God for power armor!

She reaches out to take hold of his proffered hand. The oversized metal hand of his power armor dwarfing her bare hand. Normally she would just wade through and deal with the consequences after, but since he's offering...

"It was also the first time I saw any Gen 1's."
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Bloatflies! Ugh. Nora hates bloatflies. Those creatures are vile. Spewing their maggots all over the place. Exploding all over the place. Not nice. Avoiding their attention would be preferable. Nora doesn't much fancy spending the next few hours scraping bloatfly ick off of her.

"Right on both accounts. I had seen power armor before - during the war. But never up close. Never saw just how much it could withstand." And synths? She had no idea about synths.

"You can ask me anything you like, Danse." A beat. "As long as you're not planning on selling my story to Piper for a few bottlecaps."
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Don't take Piper's words to heart, Danse. Nora has never once seen his poor communication skills as a telltale sign of his lack of humanity. She always just assumed he was just really bad at social interaction. He's not the first man she's ever met who's bad at talking to people, and she's sure he won't be the last. And look at Nick! He's a synth and he could charm anyone with his gift of the gab.

Nora takes a sip of water from her drink bottle as she walks alongside Danse, enjoying the sun. A beautiful day in wonderful company. What could be better?

"Before the war? I was a lawyer and a wife. Although once I fell pregnant I cut down on my workload so I could concentrate on being a mother... That was the idea, at least."

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Nora continues to fire at the wounded, ferocious beast, trying to slow it down, to put it down for good. While killing things isn't exactly her idea of a good time, leaving a beast wounded and in pain is far worse.

"At least yao guais haven't mastered the art of throwing boulders yet," she says from her relatively protected spot. Although thinking about behemoths reminds her of their mission to Fort Strong together. Her first time in a Vertibird. It was so exhilarating. And using the mini-gun? Pure joy.

Another few shots and the beast drops to the ground, grunting in pain. She risks taking a few steps closer so she can put a bullet in it's head at close range.
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"What can I say? I had a great teacher." She can't bring herself to make eye contact with him. If a slight blush is creeping onto her cheeks, she won't admit it. And if questioned about it she would blame it on the sun.

She crouches beside Danse to help him butcher the bear. Yao guai rump steaks under the stars tonight? This journey just keeps getting better and better.

"So much has changed in such a short time."

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"You're still teaching me. Even now. I learn something new every time we're together. The Brotherhood were fools to let go of such a wonderful asset. There is so much you could teach those newbies."

Just remember that those Fancy Lad snack cakes you like so much just happen to be 200 year old food items. Still, thick juicy rump steaks sound pretty damn good.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what paths lie ahead. There is a world of opportunity out there, we just have to grasp it."
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Nora still isn't entirely sure how she managed to convince Maxson to spare Danse. After all, she's nothing special. It would be no big loss to the Brotherhood if she wasn't a part of it's ranks, yet the risk of losing her had been enough to make Maxson listen to her.

"Haylen, the others and I will whip those kids into shape, don't you worry about that."

She pushes herself to her feet, brushing herself off, glad that Danse is the one carrying the new supplies. "Overrun by ferals I can handle - impatient settlers is way beyond my pay grade," she jokes.
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Nora starts to walk, turning to walk backwards so she can look at Danse. She can't help but smile at him. He sounds so good when he laughs. She always loves to see him in a good mood.

Don't get her started on Rhys! Talk about Mr Grumpy! "Go gentle on them. We don't want to scare them too much," she laughs with him, stepping over rocks and fallen tree debris with ease.
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The raider camp down the hill is deserted for once, even the turrets haven't been repaired. It's good for Nora and Danse, and for the settlement. She smiles at Danse as they walk into the camp. "You wanna store the meat in the cooler until we get back? I'll go find out where the ghouls are coming from."

As she walks further into the settlement she pauses by a dog kennel to pet the creature inside. Only it's not the usual kind of dog seen around the Commonwealth but rather a wolf, a seemingly tame one. "Hey there boy, I missed you."

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'Under his command'? Last time she checked she was a Paladin too - not that she's entirely sure how that happened to be honest. After all, she defied Maxson's order to execute Danse. She disagrees with much of the Brotherhood's ethos. She's buddies with all kinds of synths, ghouls, and super mutants. Oh, and she totally works for the Railroad helping said synths. She's hardly the typical Brotherhood Paladin, that's for sure. To this day she's still not sure exactly why Maxson promoted her instead of booting her out.

Still, better to have the Brotherhood on side than not.

The explosion, followed by the shower of flailing ghoul corpses would probably be comical in any other situation, but the fact the glowing one is still shambling towards them keeps Nora's humour at bay. It just shows how rotted and feral the ghouls really are, even half dead and broken they still mindlessly attack even though death is inevitable.

Being the kind soul that she is, she gives Danse the pleasure of putting down the beast for good - after all, she knows how much he loves shooting ghouls.

"Now that's what I call a good day's work... We should head back and give them the good news."
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There's definitely not enough daylight left to get back to the Outpost, and the idea of sleeping outside doesn't make Nora leap for joy, especially when all she really wants to do is take a shower and chill by a warm camp fire. She suddenly gets an idea and grabs Danse's power armor clad hand and starts to tug him south.

He easily outweighs her, especially in power armor, but that doesn't stop her from yanking him.

"Better idea. Dunno why I didn't think of it sooner. There's a settlement just south of here. Like literally a few steps that way! It's not exactly paradise but there will be a fire and defense and clean water... beats sleeping next to ghoul central..."